Friday, July 20, 2012


ever get that bogged down feeling? 
too many things to get done, not enough time in the day. 
it seems like one thing, after another, after another....
and then at some point you find yourself feeling behind.
completely frustrated.
in all aspects of life.

you may (or may not!) have noticed things have been a bit quieter than normal these last few months. 
the reason: i just wasn't feeling myself.
i was feeling bogged down. 
i found was comparing myself to other blogs+bloggers. even other people. 
i wanted more. 
more, more, more.

and then one day i realized, the happiness has to start from the inside. 
success comes from believing in yourself. 
so i started a complete lifestyle change.
started eating healthier. down 25 pounds this week!
realized how important my friends and family are. 
how much i enjoy sharing+blogging my creations with all of you!

now i find myself more productive.
more organized.
more relaxed.
more content.
and most importantly, i find myself happy again.

have a happy weekend everyone!
xo, megan. 


  1. that is wonderful! i am happy you are happy!

  2. I get that way a lot...especially about projects because I always seem to get way over my head in them. I am realizing more and more though how much of my stress is because of comparing myself to others. When I just do what makes me happy in my own time and way life is so much more relaxed and I get more done!
    Thanks for this post it was a great reminder to me!
    And keep up the great work! :)
    ♥ Anna

  3. I'm glad you're feeling more like yourself, Megan! Congrats on making some big changes.

  4. Great to know you are happy now and thank you for this post - it's a great reminder for me as well.

  5. Awesome! I am so thrilled for you.

  6. Yay for getting back on track with life :o)

  7. Good for you for stepping back and taking care of yourself! I get the same way sometimes and have to just put everything away for a bit and step away. Congrats on the weight loss!

  8. That feeling is a part of life. Sometimes you need them to realise all the things you do have that are fun and important! Glad you're feeling much happier and healthier now =D

  9. Good for you Megan! Congratulations on being able to change for the better!

  10. Way to go Megan!! Happiness is so important.

  11. good for you. Congrats on finding your way to what makes you happy.

  12. You are awesome! Congrats on finding your bliss!

  13. It is all about finding that balance in life. We all get off balance sometimes and need a re-balance. Glad you have found your balance again.

  14. Yo creo que la vida no es fácil para la mayoría de los seres que habitamos este planeta , quizás para algunos pocos .Tenemos un camino y vemos paso a paso¿que hacemos?¿por donde vamos?Cariños.

  15. Your blog is extremely inspiring to me. I'm sorry to read that you were having a rough go of things. But, it is nice to see that you are human. We all feel that way sometimes. Way to go on the healthier lifestyle. 25 is huge!

  16. Megan,

    Congratulations! I have felt the same way in life at times and it so true to look inside yourself to find your own happy. I truly enjoy your blog and following you on instragram. Have fun with your friends this weekend.


    Linda F

  17. Congratulations. Everyone gets in the doldrums sometimes. You should be proud that you did something about it and found your way out!

  18. glad you're feeling better megan. I know how you feel/felt for sure, we've all been there (and maybe some of us are still there). ha. anyway, hope you have a great trip with your fam, nothing is better than that!

  19. Wow, 25 pounds! That's quite an accomplishment, congrats. Glad you're feeling better.

  20. Glad you are happy again and congrats on the weight loss, it's quite an accomplishment!

  21. Yea! I am so glad you're getting your mojo back! You're awesome and don't you forget it!

  22. Good for you, Megan! It's a wonder how far from "normal" we can get before we realize it and make steps to come back. Glad you are happy again!

  23. I have always found your quiltwork to be amazingly inspiring. That bogged down feeling happens to us all :(

  24. Way to go!! Catching up on the missed blogs while I took some time away from everyone elses...focus on family and me!
    Congrats on the weight loss!!!

  25. AWESOME! After Labor Day both of my boys will be in school all day for the first time so I am looking forward to some time for me to walk (AND more sewing time)!