Friday, February 22, 2019

A Rainbow Picnic Quilt | #Finishit2019 Number Four

Some quilts take longer to finish than others. Life happens and in our case, we move. We move a lot. Brandon's job transfers us around Iowa & Minnesota every year or two - it's mostly fun but results in so many unfinished projects. In boxes. So many boxes. 

Maybe it's just me, but I find these unfinished projects weigh me down. I feel guilty not finishing them - some projects I still love and some I just don't love anymore. Maybe it was Marie Kondo on Netflix or the motivation of a New Year, but kicking 2019 off with a #FINISHIT2019 list of ALL (okay, mostly all) my projects has been a GAME CHANGER. Mapping out how close each project is to being done and creating a pretty visual has been such the motivator. I just love putting an "X" in those pretty rainbow boxes. 

Three and a half years, three moves, and one wedding. That's exactly how long this Rainbow Picnic Quilt took to complete. Crazy, right?! It's a simple quilt using 10" precut squares in every color of the rainbow and I can't wait to use it this summer. At the park for a picnic or an afternoon at the pool with Harper - it's going to be perfect. 

I quilted it using my BERNINA Q24 Longarm and a simple, all over loop design. Find our entire list of available quilting designs and everything you need to know about our Professional Quilting Services right here

80" x 80"

START DATE: July 25, 2015
FINISH DATE: February 2019
YARDS BUSTED: 10 yards (17 yards total YTD)

How are you coming along with your #FINISHIT2019 list? I just love seeing your lists & progress on social media using the hashtag. Please keep those coming! If you haven't grabbed your #FINISHIT2019 Free PDF Printable yet click right here. 


  1. LOVE IT!!!! I was telling Nicole we need to get one for our boat ;) for those cold evening cruises :)

  2. I appreciate that you're dreaming of summer while snow is on the ground. Lovely finish.

  3. Such a simple quilt but very stunning with the rainbow gradation. I also really like the black and white binding.

  4. It's beautiful and in my wishful thinking, I thought the snow was sand.

  5. I just came across your blog today. What a cheerful finish! My own Rainbow Picnic is sitting under my longarm (where it's been for more than a year) awaiting binding. One of these days...