Friday, June 26, 2015

Fresh Mini Quilt Club | ROUND 5 SIGN UPS!

Fresh Mini Quilt Club | Round 2
It's that time again -- the next round of the Fresh Mini Quilt Club starts August 1st, 2015! Sign up right here! Tons of you joined in on the first 4 rounds -- THANK YOU -- and I'm looking forward to sharing SIX NEW mini quilts with you starting August 1st, 2015. If you are new my blog and/or are wondering how this 6-month mini quilt club works, here are all the details!

REGISTER NOW AND SAVE! Early registration starts now for only $19.99 (regular price $24.99)

Over the course of six months Fresh Mini Quilt Club members will receive six fresh, modern mini quilt patterns on the 1st of each month -- they'll all be a surprise, yay! Each mini quilt will measure between 18" & 24", along one side, making them a quick & easy project. Whether you have been wanting to give quilting a try, or have been it it for years, this mini quilt club is for you!


On the 1st of each month, club members will receive a fresh, modern mini quilt pattern right in their inbox. This easy-to-follow & printable pattern will come complete with color diagrams and step-by-step instructions. Remember, each new design will be a surprise!

Mini quilts are quick + easy projects, they don't take large amounts of fabric (budget friendly, yay!), are great for trying out new quilting techniques, and look great in your home! 

Everyone! Each mini quilt design will feature basic patchwork techniques -- perfect for beginners & the more advanced quilter.  

Purchase your membership right here!
Please note, the monthly mini quilt patterns will be sent to your pay-pal address.

You bet! If you sign up after August 1st you'll receive the previous months' patterns within 2 business days. 

Here are just a few of the mini quilts from previous rounds!

Fresh Mini Quilt Club | July 2013Fresh Mini Quilt Club | August 2013FMQC Round 2: OctoberFresh Mini Quilt Club | StixFresh Mini Quilt Club | April 2013Fresh Mini Quilt Club | June 2013IMG_3466 If you have any other questions email me at megan [at] canoeridgecreations [dot] com. 
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Oh Scrap! | Scrappy Chain Quilt Layout Options

Hello, again!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all your kind words on social media, e-mail, and right here on the blog regarding yesterday's tutorial! Spreading the love of sewing & quilting as always been my goal and it makes my heart sing when others get just as excited about a new quilt as I do. :) 

As promised, today I'm suggesting a few basic layout options for your blocks in four basic square designs. Remember that this is just a guideline to start with, feel free to adapt your layout however YOU like! Let's get started.

3 Blocks x 3 Blocks | 32" x 32"
For this layout you'll need 5 BLOCK As & 4 BLOCK Bs

5 Blocks x 5 Blocks | 53" x 53"
For this layout you'll need 13 BLOCK As & 12 BLOCK Bs

7 Blocks x 7 Blocks | 74" x 74"
For this layout you'll need 25 BLOCK As & 24 BLOCK Bs

9 Blocks x 9 Blocks | 95" x 95"
For this layout you'll need 41 BLOCK As & 40 BLOCK Bs

Alright, now let's really have some fun! I put together 3 alternate ways to put the blocks together. I think you'll see that with a little creativity and turning on the blocks, you can quickly make all new designs!

I especially like the first alternate layout option myself. Don't be afraid to turn your quilt into your own unique design!

Now get busting those scraps. Don't forget to share your progress on social media using #ohscrap, #scrappychain, and #canoeridgecreations.

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Oh Scrap! | Scrappy Chain Tutorial

Hello, friends!

We recently made a move (for Brandon's job) about 200 miles south of where we'd been living, now to the middle of Iowa. In the 3 weeks we had to pack everything and move, I made it a point to get my sewing room picked up and (more importantly!) organized. With that came dealing with my scraps. I'll admit, I have a love/hate relationship with scraps. Most of that hate came from not having all the scraps in one place & especially from them not being organized. When we actually made the move I had 3 -- yes THREE -- large plastic totes FULL of scraps. What the what?! It just proved that my scraps are out.of.control. With all that being said, I'm on a mission to use up my scraps!

So I officially welcome you to a new blog series called Oh Scrap! I'll be sharing different tutorials, tips & tricks all about -- you guessed it -- SCRAPS. I sure hope you'll join along -- please share your scrap love using #ohscrap on social media so we can all cheer each other on!

Now fast forward to this past week, I won a scrap bundle from 1canoe2 on Instagram. Yay, even more scraps! I met Beth at this past Quilt Market in Minneapolis and I love, love, LOVE their new collection, Tucker Prairie, with Moda Fabrics. I mean buy all the fabric, make all the things kind of love. So naturally, I was beyond thrilled when the package arrived in the mail. You may have seen my picture I shared on Instagram & Facebook

That's when the Scrappy Chain design was born -- I loved it so much that I decided to put together a tutorial for you all! This is a fast & easy way to bust through some scraps and have fun along the way. Let's get started!

For this quilt, you'll need:
- Background Fabric
- Accent Fabric
- Assorted Scraps (at least 2" square)

This quilt uses two different block designs, we are going to call them Block A & Block B. First up, let's look at Block A.

For BLOCK A, you'll need:
- 33 scrappy squares, each measuring 2" x 2"
- 12 accent fabric squares, each measuring 2" x 2"
- 4 background fabric squares, each measuring 2" x 2"

Layout your block using the flowing diagram as a guide, first sewing your squares into rows. Then the rows into a finished BLOCK A. Sew using a 1/4" seam allowance & press seams as desired. With something like this, I prefer to press my seams in alternating directions. It makes for nested seams & perfectly matching points. 

Finished BLOCK A measures 10 1/2" x 10 1/2" (unfinished 11" x 11").

For BLOCK B, you'll need:
- 4 scrappy squares, each measuring 2" x 2"
- 8 accent fabric squares, each measuring 2" x 2"
- 2 background fabric rectangles, each measuring 2" x 5"
- 2 background fabric rectangles, each measuring 2" x 8"
- 1 background fabric rectangle, measuring 5" x 11"

Layout your block using the flowing diagram as a guide, first sewing your pieces into rows. Then the rows into a finished BLOCK B. Sew using a 1/4" seam allowance & press seams as desired.

Finished BLOCK B measures 10 1/2" x 10 1/2" (unfinished 11" x 11").

The overall layout of the quilt alternates between these two blocks -- Block A & Block B. Pretty easy, huh?

I've already whipped up a few blocks and am loving the process so far! Want in on a little secret that I like to use when starting a new project? Finish a block (or in this case two), take a picture of them using your phone, and then use a mosaic app to get a sneak peek on what the final layout is going to look like -- I use PicFrame on my iPhone! 

Now let's talk layouts & size. I'll be back tomorrow with a few images and cutting requirements for several different sizes -- mini quilt on up! -- but ultimately, it's up to you. I hope you find this design easy to adapt to what ever fabric scraps (or stash!) you want. 

Please share, share, SHARE your progress pictures -- scrap/fabric pulls, cutting, whatever you like! -- using #ohscrap, #scrappychain, and #canoeridgecreations. Let's cheer each other on and bust through some scraps!

xoxo, Megan 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Wedding Quilt

It has been quite some time since I blogged -- months & months, actually. So many life changes have happened, I'm actually unsure as to where to start. Let's start with the big stuff first, I'M GETTING MARRIED. This past Christmas Eve, Brandon proposed in my parent's backyard under our favorite apple tree. The entire thing was perfection! My dad, mom, and sister all helped with the decorations and I couldn't be more grateful for the pictures my sister snapped while the actual proposal happened. They will be treasured for years to come!

We will be getting married this fall in our hometown in Northeast Iowa -- just a little less than five months away. With the big day fast approaching, there's been all sorts of fun wedding plans in the works and a wedding quilt, of course! I've wanted to make a traditional double wedding ring quilt for quite sometime. It seems like a "right of passage" quilt -- if I can take on the Double Wedding Ring (and live to talk about it!), I can take on any quilt. Right?!

All of the fabrics I chose were pulled from my stash (which is officially out of control, but that's for another post & another day). About 95% of the fabrics I'm using come from previous Denyse Schmidt collections, I'd call it a happy accident -- although it seems that our wedding colors are fitting in perfectly with Chicopee. Which also happens to be my favorite Denyse Schmidt collection. A girl likes what a girl likes, I suppose!

I'm using the FREE Double Wedding Ring pattern & paper piece templates from Free Spirit and so far, so good! I really like using the paper piece method to create the arches used in each of the double wedding ring blocks, it makes for perfect piecing every time. So far I'm about half way through sewing the arches and loving every minute of it. I have learned a few little tricks along they way, but that'll have to wait for another day. 

Have any of you made the double wedding ring pattern? I'd love any tips & tricks you'd be willing to pass along. Leave a comment below or feel free to send a note via e-mail (megan AT canoeridgecreations DOT com). 

Happy Sewing!
xo, Megan

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kona Cotton Solids | 30 Quilts For 30 Years + Giveaway!

Earlier this summer, I was contacted by the awesome folks of Robert Kaufman fabrics and asked to take part in a special celebration of Kona Solids. You all know how much I LOVE working with solids, so I quickly jumped on board! Starshine is a modified version of my first Fresh Mini Quilt Club design, Starburst. Starshine finishes at 80" x 80" and features sixteen beautiful Kona Solids -- you can get the exact list of fabrics used here!

The Premium White solid used for the background has quickly become a new favorite. Remind me to stock up! Sarah Wilson from Crinkle Love machine quilted the Starshine quilt with fabulous geometric design that pulls the whole design together!  I really wanted the focus of this design to be on those color saturated stars, so I used the white for the binding too. This was a first for me but I am super happy with the results!

Purchase the Starshine pattern here!

Head on over to the Robert Kaufman site to check out all the other quilts & talented designers featured in this Kona Cotton Solids | 30 Quilts For 30 Years Celebration. There are so many great quilts -- I especially like Spectrum from Faith Jones of Fresh Lemons Quilts!

Here's the complete blog hop schedule! 

Week 1:
Saturday, November 1st: Johanna Masko
Sunday, November 2nd: Alyssa of Aria Lane
Monday, November 3rd: Dorie of Tumblingblocks
Tuesday, November 4th: Megan of Canoe Ridge Creations
Wednesday, November 5th: Daniela of Cozy Quilt Designs
Thursday, November 6th: Faith of Fresh Lemons Quilts
Friday, November 7th: Anita Grossman Solomon
Saturday, November 8th: Debbie of Esch House Quilts

Week 2:
Sunday, November 9th: Alex of Teaginny
Monday, November 10th: Darlene Zimmerman
Tuesday, November 11th: Nichole Ramirez with Aurifil
Wednesday, November 12th: Rita Hodge of Red Pepper Quilts
Thursday, November 13th: Lee of Freshly Pieced
Friday, November 14th: Julie of Jaybird Quilts
Saturday, November 15th: Latifah of The Quilt Engineer

Week 3:
Sunday. November 16th: Elizabeth Hartman
Monday, November 17th: Erica of Kitchen Table Quilting
Tuesday, November 18th: Karrie of Freckled Whimsy
Wednesday, November 19th: Valori Wells
Thursday, November 20th: Marilyn of Quilt Moments
Friday, November 21st: Cortney Heimerl
Saturday, November 22nd: Shayla and Kristy of Sassafras Lane Designs

Week 4:
Sunday, November 23rd: Shea of Empty Bobbin Sewing
Monday, November 24th: Carrie Strine
Tuesday, November 25th: Rachel of Stitched in Color
Wednesday, November 26th: Liz of Lady Harvatine
Saturday, November 29th: Carolyn Friedlander

Week 5:
Sunday, November 30th: Elizabeth of Don’t Call Me Betsy
Monday, December 1st: Emily of Carolina Patchworks
Tuesday, December 2nd: Ken Kaufman
Wednesday, December 3rd: Grand Finale!

How about a GIVEAWAY? Robert Kaufman fabrics is offering one lucky reader a Summer '13 charm pack! 

TO ENTER: Leave a comment with your favorite Kona Cotton Solid color! I'll choose & announce a winner tomorrow morning at 10 AM CST. International readers welcome, too!

Good luck!