Sunday, December 26, 2010

{last} minute

There's nothing like waiting until the last minute to finish something.  Yah, ok.  Right.  

8:00 am - shower and get ready
9:00 am - eat brunch with the family (mmmm....mimosas)
10:00 am - start last minute gift (seriously?!?!?)
11:15 am - leave the house
12:00 noon - Christmas dinner

This morning, sometime during brunch, my mom mentions she wanted (this was her way of asking for my help) to make a little clutch to put a gift certificate in for my cousin's Christmas gift.  Ok, not a big deal.  Except that this Christmas get together was less than two hours away (which inludes a 45 minute drive time).  Ekk!  Needless to say, this little guy was completed in less than an hour.  The pattern is called Cash and Carry by Terry Atkinson.

I literally finished the bag seconds before we left the house to make it to dinner on time.  So that called for an impromtu blog photo shoot in the back seat of my parents' SUV (please keep in mind that there were three adult passengers already occupying said backseat).  Special thanks to my sister and boyfriend for putting up with my madness! :)

Close up on the hand beaded zipper pull.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas weekend!

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  1. That's awesome! That is the MOST last-minute of all the last-minute stories I've heard. But it looks great, you would never know it. Also, you are one committed blogger, taking pictures in the car on the way. : )