Saturday, August 6, 2011

back up and running.

Hello my bloggy pals!

Things have been a little quiet around here this week because we have been without internet for a couple weeks.  gasp!  Which makes for a pretty lame bloggy/online sewing community life if you ask me.

You see the day before we left for the lake, our house was struck by lightning.  And yes, it was about as scary as it sounds.  We were all in the house at the time, but thankfully no one was hurt.  The lightning hit fried our internet and telephone lines (plus a few little electronics that we had plugged in at time)--all things that can be replaced.  Oh, and no worries--the sewing machines were all unplugged. thank goodness!

As of last night, we are finally back in business.  woohoo!  It's amazing how dependent on the internet I am, because access to the internet is as much of a creative outlet for me as my sewing machine.  I am sure you can all relate. :)  So, please excuse the delayed response to comments and last week's {Sew} Modern Monday link-ups.  If all goes well, I am hoping to get caught up this weekend.

And because a post without a picture is just plain lame, here's a little look at my blocks I have received this month for the {Sew} Beautiful Bee.  I cannot wait to put this quilt together!

xo, Megan

{Sew} Beautiful Bee blocks.


  1. when it's my turn in my bee this is the block I am doing for sure. These are beautiful blocks!

  2. oh my gosh, I forgot to say, glad you are safe and no real major things were damaged in the lightening strike!

  3. So awesome!!! This quilt is going to rock!

  4. Great blocks! Glad you are ok!? Welcome back.

  5. Lightening strike: glad you're safe.

    Loulouthi blocks: awesome and inspiring!

    Love it!

  6. these blocks are looking great! :)

  7. the blocks are beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished project!

  8. Oh those blocks are fabooo! Sorry about the lightning strike!!