Tuesday, August 16, 2011

on the map.

i live in small town iowa.
population 8000.
think corn fields, poor cell phone reception, and lots of farms.
and i LOVE it!

yesterday, my little home town of 23 years was all over the news because President Obama came to visit and even spent the night! 
my dad (who had been actively involved in the prep for the event for the past week--security and such) was able to meet the man first hand this morning.  and i couldn't be more proud of him! :)
while i didn't actually get to see him, it was surely a once in a life time experience.

he arrived in our little iowa town (decorah!) last night and spent the night down town at our hotel winneshiek (when i was actually eating dinner--i'll spare you the stories).
and worked out at our local gym this morning.
politics aside--it sure has been an exciting whirlwind for the past 24 hours.

now that he has come and gone, things have already started to quiet down.
the media has packed and gone.
the secret service men are leaving (sad face! why are they so attractive?!?).

but we were on the map.
if only for a few hours.
and it is almost hard to believe.

xo, Megan


  1. :) fun! LOL at the sexy secret service men. There is something nice about a man in uniform!

  2. Very cool! I don't think President Obama has been to my town. That is cool that even on the road he worked out this morning. That is some dedication that I do NOT have. lol!

  3. I'm from Iowa too! Born in cedar rapids. Lived all over the country after age ten, but always came home to grandma's farm out in manson, by fort dodge. Something about the smell of hog manure sure makes me feel at home. haha!

  4. I'm from Iowa too!!! Small world, eh?