Friday, November 11, 2011

this week.

during the summer, i spent most of my waking hours at work--a local country club. from mid-march to the beginning of november, i'm busy planning weddings & class reunions, managing bar and wait staff, and tending to lots and lots of golfers. i really enjoy what i do but i always look forward for the weather to change (it snowed this week!) and things to slow.down. for me to be able to catch my breath, try to get a grasp back on my life, and most importantly, to create! 

this past week marked my first official "off season" week. talk about heavenly. i forgot how much a person can accomplish when they aren't working ridiculous amounts of hours, it's great! so in an attempt to keep a little order, i've decided i'm going to start posting weekly recaps. i think it will be a great way for me to reflect and stay organized as well as provide a little motivation for the week to come.
Birthday week!!

first up, it was  birthday week! i celebrated my 24th birthday last sunday (you can still enter in my birthday giveaway!) and the BF celebrated his birthday on thursday (26!). we made sure to celebrate our birthdays in style--with lots of cupcakes and family! my little sister is finishing up her first semester in college (yay, L!) and i am so thankful to have been able to spend a little time with her last weekend. we are  best.friends.

Sisters <3

i took full advantage of my time off and sewed! this week i finished my pretty {little} pouch & surprise pouch, a pouch for my new birthday toy, and a fun mini quilt

i've even started a few new sewing projects this week. a christmas mini quilt and a top secret quilt that i am so excited about!
Working on a Christmas mini.

Trim, trim, trim.

i've been hinting about making a light box for a long time and this week i got one! my wonderful BF helped me put it together and i can't wait to use it this winter. thanks B, you are the best!

We're making a light box!

and while i am ecstatic about being able to spend more time at home, there's someone who is even more excited. this little man, jeter!
My little man, Jeter.

so there's my week, in instagram style. i am hoping this momentum keeps rolling through this weekend and into next week! have a great weekend, everyone!

xo, Megan


  1. Sounds great to me! You're on a circle of geese kick, huh?

  2. Hospitality industry hours are just terrible...enjoy the slower pace. (it is nice not to have to go anywear on a snowy day!)

  3. Great that you have more time to sew & just 'be'! Jealous of the snow.....

  4. Sounds fun and nice to be productive in the crafty way. I need a light box too but fear my little people would be into it all the time and no where to put it out of the way....
    Have a great weekend Megan!

  5. Sounds like you really have been injoying your time! as you should!!! love the look of your project and the is such a cute picture of your dog :) the snow picture is lovely too but looks brrrrr!

  6. What a great picture of your mini quilt! It looks so awesome :-D I lt looks like quite the winter wonderland up there.