Tuesday, December 20, 2011

hometown love.

last week, i was in dire need of some sort of creative distraction from my holiday sewing obligations. you know, it was one of those "grass is always greener on the other side" type of situations. starting a new project seemed so much more fun than finishing up christmas gifts. so i designed this little city/state embroidery motif using kona snow as the background. super simple, super me. 


and yesterday it became a fun little mini quilt!using a kona cotton and coordinating designer cottons, i improv pieced a little border and set the block in my new favorite fabric--essex! right now i am totally drawn to neutral quilts with lots of negative space for the eye to rest. love, love, love! i went back and forth trying to decide what sort of quilting pattern would work best with this mini quilt -- meander, straight-line, etc. in the end, i settled on a simple straight-line design. the BF so nicely pointed out the quilting looks like a corn field and we have lots of those in iowa!




this is by far one of my favorite quilting finishes to date. i think it's the combination of a simple design and neutral color scheme that my overall style seems to be drawn to lately. plus, it was so fun to dabble in a bit of hand embroidery!


quilty stats
name: custom iowa mini quilt.
finished size: approx. 16" x 17"
quilted by: me

xo, megan


  1. Super simple but so clever! Love it :-)

  2. this is really cute! and i've been using essex linen (natural) in just about every project lately. it's so nice!

  3. Oh that is fab, love the wee heart on it too, perfect marker. I'm holding out til Thursday for my breakdown - it'll still be pressies, but it's stocking fillers and new patterns, so ones I can have fun with! (that all depends on finishing the redwork embroidery tomorrow though, fingers crossed!)

  4. I am insanely in love with this! So clever with the Des Moines fussy cut in there, too.

  5. Megan I love this. It's awesome!

  6. This is brilliant! You're so creative. :)

  7. I love this so much! What a great idea! (:

  8. It's beautiful! I love it, tiny details and perfect quilting.

  9. From one Iowa native to another---IT'S AWESOME!

  10. This is gorgeous, simple and cute! The quilting is perfect and I love the hint of red :)