Sunday, April 1, 2012

happy sunday.

hello, everyone -- i hope you are all having a great weekend! i'm up bright and early on this beautiful Sunday in Iowa and i have the entire day off. woohoo! i'm especially excited because it's suppose to be a record 81 degrees and sunny!  a perfect day for pictures, laundry out on the line, a bit of spring cleaning, and hopefully an afternoon picnic!  


these little CRC labels just arrived yesterday morning and i am *SO* excited about them! they are folded and double sided. i'm so happy i stuck with my gut and went for a  gray on gray design rather than a traditional black on white label. i'm hoping to finish something up this afternoon just so i can sew one of these bad boys on! 

ETA: it seems like lots of you are interested in getting some labels of your own! here's where i ordered mine! :) 

what do you have planned today? 

xo, megan.

pssst! don't forget, the Festival of Half Square Triangles kicks off tomorrow! 


  1. Love your labels, can I ask, where did you order them? I have label envy.

  2. These labels are awesome. I'll be sewing with my mom today! Have a lovely Sunday :D

  3. Those labels are great. Where are they from? I am enjoying this lovely Iowa weather also. :-)

  4. They look really cool! I need to get my hands on some labels! =D

  5. These are great! I, like everyone else, would love to know where they're from. : )

  6. Your labels are wonderful. Thank you for sharing the link. I've been wanting some, but just haven't gotten around to it. Thanks for the "push".
    Happy Spring! Enjoy your day off, Megan.

  7. 81 degrees!? I'm entirely too jealous!