Thursday, November 8, 2012

IG Update

Hi there -- happy Thursday! Phew, it has been a few crazy weeks -- it seems like life has been in fast forward ever since Sewing Summit. From sewing deadlines, pneumonia, celebrating a birthday, a best friend's wedding, and everything in between, it looks like things should be slowing down for a few days! I thought I'd share a few Instagram (IG) pictures here on the blog to keep you all updated. Oh, and here's something really cool -- you can now access IG accounts through your web browser! Here's my profile: @canoercreations.

a new quilt for me <3
I started a new quilt -- just for me! I'm using some of my favorite fall colors and a simple patchwork + triangle design.
thanks @katespain -- a sweet surprise on a rainy day
Right before Fall Quilt Market I received this little package + note in the mail. Eeeee, Kate Spain! :)

getting ready for a rehearsal dinner + weekend full of wedding activities. do I look like I have pneumonia? #becauseido

I'd been feeling under the weather for a while & after a few trips to the doctor + urgent care last week, it turns out I had pneumonia -- boo! As if that wasn't bad enough, 4 days later I stood up in a high school friend's wedding. :) This is me heading to the rehearsal dinner -- it's amazing how much a spray tan & make-up can do!

boots + bridesmaid dress = best friend's wedding. <3

The wedding + couple were absolutely beautiful. All of us bridesmaids wore cowboy boots with our dresses to the reception & dance -- so much fun!

//binding time//

close up. ❤

I did squeeze a *little* sewing into my sick days off from work -- mostly because I can't sit still. Can you blame me?!

waiting at the court house for election results.
Tuesday was a big day all around the country, but election day hits a little closer to home in our neck of the woods. We spent Tuesday night at the county courthouse because my father is an elected official (county sheriff to be exact). Which means election day brings a certain amount of stress + anxiety. Thankfully he was re-elected (yay!) and life can go back to "normal" for a while.
birthday cupcakes!

Late Tuesday night we celebrated with drinks & cupcakes! Not only because my father was re-elected but because it was also my 25th birthday. :)

I hope you are all having a great week!
xo, megan.


  1. Sorry you were sick Megan :o(
    Happy Belated Birthday xxx

  2. Love the triangles, I have been tempted to do something with triangles myself lately (Even bought a nifty triangle tool). I am so sorry that you are so under the weather!! I do the same thing when I am sick, sew, sew, & Sew (maybe if I keep moving then I don't have to admit I am sick!). Take care, and get better, remember moderation!

  3. Sorry you are sick. What a fun surprise gift from Kate Spain!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday!! Feel better soon.

  5. Happy Birthday and hope you feel better really quick!

  6. Love the triangles :) I'm almost finished quilting 300+ triangles. Can't wait to be done with it, but I'll miss it when it's gone. Happy Birthday, and Congratulations to your dad :)

  7. so many fun photos. Isn't Instagram fun! Congrats to your dad and I hope you are all better now.

  8. Do you quilt as you go in order to get stitch lines that run to the edge of sections?