Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Something New, Something Old

Moving four times in three years quickly puts into perspective just how much "stuff" you own. Just ask my husband, Brandon - he's touched every moving box at least twice with this most recent move. If not three times. With each move my collection of sewing stuff seems to grow, and grow, and...well you get the point. Usually there's a discussion about how "with this move we're going to get more organized" or "I'm finally going to finish all those UFOs I've started" or (most often) "I really need to start using some of this fabric stash". And as I'm sure you can probably guess, it doesn't actually happen. 

Until this time!

No, I mean it - it's already happening which means I'm counting it as a success. Cha-Ching! I'm making it a point for every new project I start (and finish! - that's the key part...no more half finished projects) I follow it up with finishing one of those stashed away projects. Something new, something old.

It started with a new project - a crib size Sidewalk Chalk quilt from Then Came June for Harper. Bonus points, it was 100% stash fabric - yes! 

Then I moved on to an already started project - another baby quilt for our little lady (one can never have too many baby quilts, right?) using one of Cluck Cluck Sew's new patterns, Color Pop. This one is made up of Bonnie & Camille scraps & stash and I'm hoping to make myself a matching throw quilt this Fall. 

My next new project was a fun project out of Emily Dennis of Quilty Love's new book - more on that later. 

Then it was time for another old project - my Stars & Stripes quilt that was started in July of 2016. In the move I'd found the quilt top 99.9% finished and just needed to add the side & top/bottom borders. Brandon quickly claimed this quilt as his own so I hope to have it quilted and ready by his birthday next month.

That brings me back to starting something new this week. I'd like to make a Christmas quilt with some of my stashed Holiday fabric but I can't seem to decide on a design. If you have a suggestion on what pattern I should use leave it in the comments. 

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Thimble Blossoms - Patchwork Sky Quilt Pattern! Then Came June did a beautiful Christmas rendition of the quilt using Tula Pinks Holiday Homies line. I have the same jelly roll and I wish I had time to fit it into my schedule before Christmas. Did you find a pattern to use yet?

    Love your work!
    Annie Mandart