Friday, June 7, 2019

I Heart You Quilt | #Finishit2019 Number Six

I'm thrilled today to share with you all my sixth quilty finish of 2019 - my I Heart You quilt. As you can tell from the snow in the pictures, it's been completed for a few months just waiting for a blog post. Well, here we are!

When Then Came June & Pen and Paper Patterns announce the #IHeartYouSewAlong, using their I Heart You quilt pattern, I was quickly bitten by the bug. This simple, clean design looks go in so many color palettes plus it was a fun, fast finish. For my version I decided to leap a bit outside the box, and I'm so glad I did!

My version of this quilt features the Robert Kaufman Kona Color of the Year - Splash, black & white woven plaid background, and a bit of contrasting wasabi colored solid, just for fun. This was my first time using of the Robert Kaufman woven plaids and you guys, SO GOOD! Like "I want to use it in all the quilts" good. 

Several of you asked how I matched up the woven plaid with each piece. The truth? I didn't even try to match the plaid. YOLO, right? :)

55" x 61"

START DATE: January 2019
FINISH DATE: February 2019
YARDS BUSTED: 8 1/2 yards (31 3/4 yards total YTD)

How are you coming along with your #FINISHIT2019 list? I just love seeing your lists & progress on social media using the hashtag. Please keep those coming! If you haven't grabbed your #FINISHIT2019 Free PDF Printable yet click right here. 


  1. This turned out great! Your use of the plaid was inspired!

  2. I've been wanting to do something with wovens but the fear of a choppy looking design, due to unmatched plaids and stripes, has held me back. The tiny plaid of this RK fabric works, but I hear you - it would definitely be outside my comfort zone.

  3. This is so good! It makes me want to venture out of my box when it comes to background fabrics. You're brave!