Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Yesterday morning's phone conversation with the boyfriend.

Me: Hello.
The Boyfriend: Babe!  I just drove by the quilt store and there is a big sign out front that says HUGE QUILT SALE!
Me: Yeah? (But I am really thinking, Are you felling well?)
The Boyfriend:  I think you should go check it out.  I'll even buy if you want.
Me:  Silence (Ok, something has to be up.  A. He wants me to go buy more fabric, and B. He's offering to pay?!?)
The Boyfriend:  Hello?
Me:  Yeah, I can go check it out if you want. :)

Little did he know, I was already on my way into town to go check out the HUGE QUILT SALE he was talking about.  Look what I found.  After all, he did say he would buy. :)

Midwest Modern fabric by Amy Butler for $2.99 a yard!

And...he called back after work to hear about my purchases.  Yes ladies, he's a keeper!


  1. You should definitely hold on to him! My husband would have called me to say all the traffic lights were out and that I should not go anywhere near the quilt store:)

    Can't wait to see what you make with the Amy Butler!

  2. Great fabric at an awesome price and a fab boyfriend! What more could a girl want?

  3. Holy Cow! Fabulous fabric finds - and a most amazing boyfriend for sure.

  4. wow can your bf teach my hubby that one last time i was at the quilt store it was for a class type thing and he said no buying anything wile surrounded in fab fabric and getting a discount on everything that day it felt cruel =P