Thursday, December 15, 2011

elf on the shelf + iowa.

Elf on the shelf.

elf on the shelf. ever heard of it? if you haven't, you can read about the tradition here! after seeing erin and john's daily pictures on instagram, i had to have one. never mind the fact i don't have any kids -- minor detail. they are sold in major retailers, you know the kind we don't have here in small town iowa. so image my surprise when i found some in my small town (population 6000!) at a hallmark! i literally squealed in excitement! but at 24 years old with no small children, you might be wondering what i could possibly do with a little elf. besides the fact i find him super cute, i think i might have to take some festive pg-13 elf pictures like these and these and these. there's nothing that says "christmas cheer" like a little elf shenanigans, right? :) 

oh, and speaking of small town iowa. the other night i was in need of a little holiday sewing distraction, and hand embroidery was the answer. i think it's destined to be a little mini quilt.

are you ready for the big day? just a little over a week away! eeeeppp!

xo, megan.


  1. Oh my! Those are funny. We have two elves: Elphie (short for Elpheba) and Jingles who are not TRUE elves on the shelf, but stand in very well just the same. I have been posting pics on them at my blog and on my pinterest. But this pics are even more fun....just not ones I can use for the kids!
    Oh, and no, I'm not ready. I have two gifts to finish and I'm nowhere near!

  2. Bwahahaha, can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Nowhere near ready, I'm starting to stockpile the sand to stick my head into...

  3. I really like the Iowa embroidery. I am not a native Iowan, but Iowa is now home :)

  4. Love your elf! We used to be told the fairy on the christmas tree told father christmas whether we'd been good or not when he came. I'd never heard of elf on the shelf and I was just thinking (following your link) what a lovely idea it was when I read about registering their adoption online, which sort of killed the magic for me. I must be too old fashioned - or maybe just too old :( I'd like to have an elf outside the system who speaks to santa direct!