Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the final countdown.

ready or not, christmas is fast approaching! eeekk! it's crazy how fast this holiday season really has crept up on me. sure i've been sewing (lots!) and the decorations have been up for a while. but this crazy iowa weather is totally throwing me off my game! just last weekend it was sunny, in the 50s, and i spent the afternoon outside washing windows. completely unheard of this time of year!

Crazy talk.

but i keep on truckin'. today i wrapped up 3 commissioned kindle covers. luckily the buyer lives just a hop, skip, and jump away from my house so i will be hand delivering these tomorrow morning. love them! 




oh, also. as i've shared before, i am the social media and blog assistant for sewing summit! we are collecting and sharing some great last minute sewing tutorials on our facebook page and twitter so be sure to check them out! if you have a tutorial you would like us to share, leave a comment on our facebook page. i'll be posting tutes right up until the holiday weekend, which is seriously making my "to-sew" list grow by the minute. there are so many great ideas!

four days!
xo, megan.


  1. Great job on the covers, I think the top one may have my favourite fabric combo. I've got about half a dozen wee things to crank out tomorrow before I head south to mum and dad's for the big day (although I'm hoping to have got Final Countdown out of my head by then o.O )

  2. These are so cute! I love your flexibility to hand deliver ;-) Happy Holidays!