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How long have you been quilting?
I made my first quilt at the age of twelve with the help of my grandmother & mother and I was instantly hooked on quilting. Basically, it was love at first stitch! I started tagging along to every trip to the local quilt store, joined a Block of the Month club, made another quilt & another & another. I started working at my local quilt store when I was fourteen -- before I could drive! -- and really started to eat & breathe all things quilting. When I turned sixteen I skipped buying my first car and bought a shiny, red BERNINA sewing machine instead. Does that scream quilty addiction or what?!  It's now thirteen years later and I haven't looked back!

When do you find time to sew?
The short answer, I make time. Sometimes that means other things get pushed aside -- and I'm totally okay with that! I am so passionate about sewing & quilting that I sacrifice sleep, housework, and sometimes a social life, just to sneak in sewing time. It's my therapy. 

The other answer, we don't have any children...yet. :) 

What kind of sewing machine do you use?
I sew on a BERNINA 153QE -- the same one I bought at age sixteen.

What kind of batting do you recommend?
I use Quilter's Dream Cotton Select loft batting and The Warm Company's Warm & White batting.

What kind of thread do you recommend?
I almost exclusively use Aurifil thread -- both for piecing and quilting. 

How do you get your straight-line quilting lines so straight? 
Believe me, they are far from perfect! Straight-line quilting is my favorite way to finish a quilt -- the texture & fresh, modern feel is just wonderful. Check out my Straight-line Quilting| Tips & Techniques post for some helpful tips!

How do you bind & finish your quilts?
Binding is my FAVORITE part of quilting! I've put together two tutorials that show how I make, attach, & hand sew my double fold binding: