Wednesday, January 25, 2012

you sir are my favorite.

you are my favorite
you are my best friend.
you make me smile, happy, giddy.

it still amazes me that we went to high school together (a year apart!). 
our small, Iowa high school. 
and we never met. 
probably because you were the all-start athlete,
and i was the girl who didn't care.

i'm happy you started that facebook chat over 3 years ago.
even though i found it a little strange at the time. 
and maybe still do. :) 
you will always be "the facebook creeper" in my sister's eyes.
and brandon-a-witz, you will always be brandon-a-witz.

i love how well you fit into our family. 
it's like you've always been here. 
and i know dad loves finally having a son. 
just like you finally have a dad to do things with. 
it makes me smile. 

i'm thankful we have Jeter.
our four legged, 
slightly over-weight, 
possibly ADD puppy. 
he likes you too. 

you can fix things. 
squish spiders. 
protect me during scary movies. 
tell me when i'm being over-dramatic. 
you truly make me a better person. 

you are my best friend.
you are my favorite.
and i can't wait to see what our future holds. 

xo, your 1/2.


  1. Aww, so sweet! I might be giggling just a bit at the overweight ADD puppy though ;o)

  2. one can never underestimate the value and necessity of a spider-squisher. pretty sure my list of "must haves" in a mate goes something like this: 1. must fix sewing, machines 2. must squish spiders, LOL.