Thursday, September 20, 2012

Instagram Update.

Hello -- I hope you are all having a fantastic Thursday! As many of you have noticed, things have been a little quiet here on the blog but that doesn't mean I haven't been sewing. Today I'm sharing some of my Instagram pictures from the last few weeks -- follow me on Instagram (@canoercreations) and Facebook to see more! 

mini quilt wall <3
First up, I've updated + reorganized my sewing space -- it's amazing what a few Ikea tables can do. The new configuration + this mini quilt wall have me super excited to create!


The fabric stash needed a little organization too! I've decided to store all of my fabric in plastic totes (with wheels!) and am really enjoying how easy they are to access + store. 


I've also been designing a few new quilts! Even though my updated studio configuration includes a new computer + design software, I still <3 pretty colored pencils and graph paper.

ready for our walk.

Fresh fall air has officially arrived in Iowa and I (Jeter, too!) couldn't be happier. Crisp cool mornings = <3. It makes for the perfect dog walking weather! 

scrappy patchwork pumpkin. <3

Speaking of fall -- I whipped up this scrappy patchwork pumpkin the other night. <3 

best seam ripper ever. #clover

I shared this Clover seam ripper last week on Instagram & Facebook and couldn't believe how many people had never heard of it! This is honestly the best seam ripper and it's less than $10 -- Fat Quarter Shop sells them here.

had 4 fabulous girls in this morning's kids pillowcase class--they were all begging their moms for sewing machines. #thenextgeneration

I had the best Saturday morning this past weekend teaching a kids pillowcase class at my LQS. Four little girls (all under the age of 13) took my class and after just 2 hours they were begging their mom's for sewing machines. Talk about making my heart sing!

head shot editing. thanks @irishlindentree

Head shots, head shots, head shots! :)

first time my name has been in print! eeee! :) #digitalcopy

Here's some super exciting news -- this is the first time my name has been in print! As of right now all I have is this digital copy of Simply Handmade, but when the hard copy comes I'll be sure to share more details!  

Happy Sewing! 
xo, megan. 


  1. That pumpkin and the mini quilt are adorable! I haven't heard of that seam ripper either, what's great about it? Does it unpick without my assistance? ;)

  2. Wow you've been busy! Sounds like you've had a very fun week =D

  3. Congratulations Megan. And I love your new space. Want to come help with mine ;o)

  4. Congratulations! I just had to comment that I totally agree that is the best seam ripper-I buy a new one every couple years as they do go dull-a tip I got from a LQS owner long ago :)

  5. I've had my clover seam ripper for ever! however i will say that just recently the metal part came off. but i was able to shove it back in and it works just fine, but it may need superglue one of these days. love the pumpkin! is there a pattern out there for it?

  6. I love the colored pencils and graph paper. I still draw out designs even though I have software too.

  7. I love your mini quilt wall!!! That would be very inspirational! Nice head shot, too!! Happy Quilting

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