Sunday, November 25, 2012

{Sew} Modern Monday | x and + Quilt

Good morning & welcome to {Sew} Modern Monday! With the holidays upon us and the New Year around the corner, I'm on a mission to finish up some projects that have been sitting around this year. We all have a few of those projects, right? 


I'd finished up this x and + quilt top back in January of this year (and even made a mini quilt with the left-over half square triangles!), but for one reason or another just hadn't gotten around to the quilting and binding. The blocks were made by my lovely {Sew} Beautiful Bee-mates (thank you Lee, Elizabeth, Cara, Katie, AnneMarie, Katie, Cherie, Brooke, Angela, and Emily! ). I asked the ladies to make 12" blocks following this tutorial from badskirt.


Simple straight-line quilting using a neutral 50 wt. Aurifil thread seemed like the perfect match to the vibrant Anna Maria Horner fabrics. I really like the subtle modern feel the quilting gives to the overall design -- not to mention the awesome texture! Surprisingly, the rich chocolate binding is actually my favorite part about the entire quilt. I just might have to start sneaking more browns into my projects!


Quilt Stats
Name: x and + Quilt
Size: 60" x 60"
Pieced by: myself and the lovely ladies of the {Sew} Beautiful Bee
Quilted by: myself, using 50 wt. Aurifil thread

So here's to finishing up an un-finished project and onto the next one! If you'd like to join me on my mission to finish up a few projects before the New Year, use #finishit2012 on Instagram & Twitter -- I'd love to see your progress! 

Happy Sewing!
xo, megan. 

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  1. Gorgeous quilt! I know that brown is not a colour favoured by modern quilters, but, used in the right way, I love it. The brown in your quilt adds the right about of value contrast which really makes the top dance!

  2. This quilt is just awesome! I have an x and + that I'm still making/collecting blocks for, so I love seeing delicious finishes like this! I hope to be able to share some #finishit2012 on IG!

  3. This quilt is so amazing! I really loved making those blocks! :)

  4. I made my first Japanese x and o block recently - they're so fun to make! I looove your quilt - like Adrianne said, those dark values in there give it so much interest.

  5. Gorgeous quilt! I think the brown is perfect. I'm new to quilting; it's one of my to-do's for 2013. :) So glad I found your blog.

  6. Fabulous finish! I love those blocks and the fabric is gorgeous. I really like brown too and it works so well here.

  7. It feels sooo good to finish up those long lingering projects!!! This one is just fabulous, I love all those AMH prints playing together;-)

  8. What a beautiful quilt, so so very lovely!!!

  9. This is gorgeous, it really shows off the wonderful fabric!

  10. Hooray for finished quilts! Looks like you had an awesome set of bee mates on this quilt! I'm definitely trying to finish the year with as few projects as possible. I'm slowly but surely wading my way through my list.

  11. Fabulous. Definitely have to make an X and Y quilt.

  12. i missed the linky- but thought I'd share anyways! I made a bunch of doll quilts with UFO Quilt Blocks. Tutorial on how you can too:

  13. Soooo gorgeous! Lovely quilting too.