Thursday, December 17, 2015

#SewTheRainbow 12.17.15

Top Left: @peaches1008
Top Right: @purplepoppyquilts
Bottom Left: @abrightcorner
Bottom Right: @jenniferjohnston80

Hello, friends!

Late last fall I started a new hashtag on Instagram called #sewtherainbow, for three reasons: 1) I love Instagram 2) I love sewing 3) I love rainbows. Win, win, win! In just one year the hashtag includes 1,500+ photos from fabulous sewists + quilters just like you. It's one of the happiest hashtags to scroll through, I love seeing all the rainbow goodies! Each Thursday I am going to feature FOUR unique #sewtherainbow photos for the blog readers to enjoy & to inspire us all into the weekend. Enjoy!

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