Tuesday, April 9, 2019

A Bonnie & Camille Color Pop Baby Quilt | #Finishit2019 Number Five

There's no such thing as too many baby quilts, right? I mean, it only makes sense that Harper would have ALL THE QUILTS - she is my daughter after all. Spoiler Alert: this scrappy Bonnie & Camille quilt didn't start out as a baby quilt...it's just where it ended. 

I just love Cluck Cluck Sew's patterns - not only is Allison Harris a true gem, but her designs are fun and fresh. So it should come as no surprise that I instantly fell in love with her Color Pop pattern she released in the Fall of 2018. Scrappy. Modern. And most importantly, FAST! 

Color Pop uses either yardage, jelly roll strops, or in my case - fabric scraps! I'm always looking for a great scrappy quilt for those fabric scraps that multiply while we sleep. I swear they do...it's the only explanation of why my bins are overflowing. Both the Bonnie & Camille focus fabrics AND the background fabrics came entirely from my fabric stash (otherwise known as a double bonus). I started cutting & cutting and before long I had enough fabric cut for a Queen size quilt, perfect for our bed. 

I really thought I had a solid plan - new bed quilt...check, fabric from my stash...check. Fool proof, right? I started chain piecing and the blocks started coming together quickly. First one, a few more, and before long I had all 49 quilt blocks needed for my Queen size quilt. I'm sure you are thinking - but wait, she said this was a baby quilt. 

You are correct.

Somewhere after sewing all 49 blocks and actually pressing said blocks, I changed my mind. I'm sure if you chatted with Brandon he'd tell you this happens often. What can I say...I hate pressing. I pressed the 12 blocks I needed for a baby quilt, sewed them up, and stashed away the other blocks for another day.

I quilted this baby quilt using our Figure Eight design on our BERNINA Q24 Longarm - find all the details about our Professional Quilting Services right here. It's fun and simple, just the way I like sometimes.

42" x 56"

START DATE: September 2018
FINISH DATE: February 2019
YARDS BUSTED: 6 1/4 yards (23 1/4 yards total YTD)

How are you coming along with your #FINISHIT2019 list? I just love seeing your lists & progress on social media using the hashtag. Please keep those coming! If you haven't grabbed your #FINISHIT2019 Free PDF Printable yet click right here. 

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