Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WiP Wednesday #1

Go Green Grocery Bag
This has been on my Christmas "to-do" list and I finally got started last night.  No pictures yet, but I am hoping to show it tomorrow.
Spiderweb Quilt
Here is just a sneak peak of the latest quilt I have been working on.  So far, I love it!

Crazy 9-Patch
I started this quilt awhile back, just never blogged about it.  I really liked it in the beginning, but now I am not so sure about my sashing choice.  Instead of the white print, I am now thinking about switching to just a plain solid like Kona Cotton.  Any thoughts?

Freebird Stained Glass
Blogged about here.  Just a little progress since the last post (4 rows).

Last Month's FNSI Quilt (still in need of a name)

Red, White, and Blue Quilt
Crazy 9-Patch Baby Quilt (pictures soon)

Monkey Business Wristlet
Michael Miller Diaper Bag
Pink Knitting Bag

Wow, all my works-in-progress are a little overwhelming!  Looks like I will be working on finishing up some projects this Friday night, for FNSI, instead of starting a new one.

I am linking this to WiP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced

Happy Sewing!


  1. Wow - lots of beautiful projects on the go. I love your Wonderland stained glass! I do like the white print, but a white solid would definitely be more "restful" for the eye.

    Happy WIP Wednesday!

  2. Your quilting is amazing!

    I would keep the white sashing as is - I like it and honestly, I am lazy and hate picking out seams. :) Maybe you would like it more if the sashing were narrower.

  3. Ooooh, I'm loving all of these! But especially the Freebird Stained Glass! Gorgeous, nice work!

    I would probably prefer plain white Kona for the sashing on the wonky 9-patch, but like Leila, I don't know if it's worth the work to make that change. Even though I'd like the solid better, I still think that one looks nice the way it is.

    Thanks for joining WIP Wednesday! Come back next week! : )

  4. Wow! Let's see...where to begin...

    I really love your spiderweb blocks and the Freebird blocks! I want to cut into my Freebird and Wonderland right this very minute, yours look so pretty.

    I'm with Leila, picking out all of the sashing would be something I wouldn't personally undertake, I think it looks nice the way it is.

    If I were any good at naming quilts, I would take a stab at your FNSI quilt, but alas, I'm awful at it. Oh, okay, I'll give it a try - Midwest Brick and Mortar. See? Sounds like a hardware shop or something. Or Modern Brick and Mortar? Someone stop me, these are awful names! ;)

  5. Wow your straight line quilting! Amazing!

  6. I can't pick a favortie! I love the spiderweb, the crazy nine patch, and the stained glass. I love all of them. Don't get me started on your awesome straight line quilting! I look forward to seeing all of these come together!

  7. Nice! Love them all. I like the white print. I'm one of those rare quilters I guess that has an aversion to solid colors.... Plus with 2 boys, white is a rare color choice for me.....

  8. how are you doing the spider web quilt ike the strips how wide are they?