Saturday, December 11, 2010

FNSI {december 10} results

Snow, snow, snow and sew, sew, sew.  That is what was happening in my neck of the woods last night. 

Here is what I accomplished:

This has been a WiP for a while now, at least for a couple months.  Ekk!  After changing my mind (about a million times) I came up with this final design last night.  What do you think?  It is funny how you can take a WiP, change it up a bit, and fall in love with the quilt all over again!

View outside this morning.  We are in a Blizzard Warning until Sunday afternoon.  

And because it looks like this outside, and isn't suppose to stop anytime soon, I am hoping to finish piecing the top this afternoon.  Maybe even get it basted and ready to quilt??  Fingers crossed. :)

But first, I am off to see what everyone else got done last night.  Happy Sewing!

Also, I will be participating in Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day, so check back Monday and see what it is!


  1. I love the colors. That green sashing is perfect.

  2. Beautiful! That's looking fantastic, I really love the way it's turning out. Good luck with the possible blizzard!

  3. Looks beautiful - and oh - that looks cold!!!!

  4. Lovely!!! I love the green sashing! It is indeed perfect!