Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WiP Wednesday {8}

It's time for another WiP Wednesday.  But first I think I need to start off by saying,
Hi.  My name is Megan and I have a 
newfound addiction to dresden plates.


Dresden Plate Quilt

I started 2011 off with organizing my sewing space and a practice block for this month's bee block for the {Sew} Beautiful Bee.  Cherie chose the dresden block for January and I was a little nervous about starting the block.  So instead, like most of us bee-er's, I started with a practice block. And I think that's where I went crazy! :)  I loved the block so much, I cut up more fabric decided to go bigger.

It has been looking like a dresden factory over here the last few days. There has been lots of sewing,

And even one of these,

One of my quilting goals for 2011 was to make a quilt for my bed so that's where this quilt will be heading.  Oh and Cherie, if you are reading this, I promise, promise, promise to start your block next. :)

As far as everything else on my list?  Well, I won't go there.

WiP Stats
Last week's total: 8
New Projects: 1
Finished Projects: 0
This week's total: 9

If you would like to see more great 
works-in-progress, go check out WiP Wednesday.


  1. Oooh, those dresdens are GORGEOUS. That will make such an awesome bed quilt.

    You know, it's nice to make progress on our WIP lists, but if something like this strikes your fancy, you gotta go with it! When you're really feeling it, it shows in the finished work.

    Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday! Happy sewing!

  2. Those are so pretty. What fabric did you use? It's so cute and bright.

  3. Awesome in progress machine shot there!! What kind do you have? I totally agree with Lee, you've got to go where your passion takes you, lists be darned! Happy WiP Wednesday to you :)

  4. I love it!! I'm definitely addicted to these too!

  5. That is going to be a great quilt! Those colors are so pretty, crisp and clear.

  6. I love me some dresdens... this will be beautiful. :)

  7. All these dresdans are really making me want to make one, but I'm a little intimidated! Maybe later this year! Sorry you aren't making more progress on your WIP list, but I just love seeing your dresdans, so I selfishly want you to keep it up!

  8. Megan, somehow I missed this posting last week but had to laugh at your new addiction! I can't wait to see your finished quilt with all those pretty dresdens!

  9. I have go to pick mine up again these are so much fun.