Friday, December 4, 2015

#OhScrap! | HST Baby Quilt


Hello, friends!

I have a love/hate relationship with fabric scraps. I love using up every last bit of fabric from a project & I especially love creating something beautiful out of fabric that others might throw away. On the flip side, I sometimes feel bogged down with scraps -- that feeling that I have to use the scraps up before I move on to the next project. Anyone else relate? That is why a good portion of my fabric scraps are passed along to my grandma. Especially leftover HSTs or what I call "bonus triangles". You know, those ones that are leftover from trimming a corner in certain quilt blocks.

Almost two weeks ago, I finished up a quilt top for a special project that's going to be posted Monday (you can see a sneak peek here and here if you like!) and it left me with quite a few of those bonus triangles. I was ready to pack them up and pass them on to my grandma at our family Thanksgiving, but decided to sit and stitch them up on the spot (I must have been avoiding cleaning or something!). One hour turned into two, turned into three, and before I knew it I had sewn, trimmed, pressed 120 HSTs and was ready to stitch them into a baby quilt.

Each HST finishes at 3" square (cut 3 1/2") and I arranged them into 10 block x 12 block baby quilt finishing at 30" x 36". I didn't want to use a standard HST layout where each triangle points the same direction, so I opted to rotate every other block. It made for a really interesting, yet traditional block layout -- almost looking like pinwheels or a bunch of Quarter Square Triangles. I love it!


I just couldn't stop there, so the next morning I loaded it onto my new BERNINA Q24 quilt frame (more on that later, I promise) and tried my hand at a new pantograph pattern. The simple loops almost interlock from row to row, giving it a soft texture throughout. The binding is a gray on gray organic crosshatch and also happened to come from my stash bin (...okay, stash bins). Double bonus!


All in all, I finished the entire baby quilt in less than 36 hours. I'm pretty sure that's a personal quilting record for myself! :)

Stop back Monday to see the quilt that produced this new baby scrap quilt. See you then!

Happy Sewing!


HST Baby Quilt
30" x 36"

Fabric: Bella Solids
Pantograph: Modern Twist


  1. The quilt is very pretty. Timeless quilt blocks just don't go out of style!

  2. Love your baby quilt, very fresh and modern! I can't wait to hear about your new Q24. I just got a Q20 and I am in love with it! Someday when I
    have a larger space for my sewing studio I will have the Q24. Love my BERNINAS!