Monday, October 31, 2011

{Sew} Modern Monday #40

{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations
It's {Sew} Modern Monday time!

and Halloween time! :)

i seriously love Halloween. the fun, the excitement, the costumes, the CANDY! :)  and the pumpkin carving! what's not to love about Halloween??

so rather than share a sewing finish of my own today, i thought i'd spread a little Halloween spirit. like i said, i love pumpkin carving. but not nearly as much at the BF does. about a week ago, he was practically begging for us to go pick out pumpkins and carve them. in other words. he's.a.big.KID. when it comes to stuff like this. :) 
here's what we our pumpkins looked like when it was all said and done. can you tell what our hobbies are??
my pumpkin. :)
<<my pumpkin.>>

the BFs pumpkin.
<<the BFs pumpkin.>>

happy halloween!
now it's your turn. have a modern sewing finish? then link it up! but please, include a link back to Canoe Ridge Creations in your blog post.


  1. Love those pumpkins, they are fantastic! do you use a dremel for those?? We haven't carved ours and may not since we are in the middle of the weirdest snow storm ever!

  2. nice pumpkins!

    Thanks for hosting the link up. I don't have anything to link but am going to go visit some of the links! :)

  3. Oh girl, me too! Haha. I will definitely post pictures of them. Thanks so much for hosting the link party and visiting my blog. Love the pumpkins!!

  4. I am glad you pointed out I had not added those pictures of the Save The Date Banner. I am going to do that. But, here they are on Pinterest as well.

  5. Very creative pumpkins! How many points is that buck--13??! wow. We had our first Trick-or-Treater ever--our little niece. We didnt have any candy so I gave her a granola bar. :)