Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WiP Wednesday {7}

Things around here are finally starting to get back to normal.  It is amazing how one whirl-wind of a Christmas weekend can scramble up a person's schedule!  Somehow through all the chaos, I was actually able to accomplish a few sewing (and one crafting) related projects.


Cupcake Embroidery
We did quite a bit of movie watching over the holidays (probably because of the ridiculous amounts of snow limiting us from going outside) and it was a perfect time for some handwork.  I am not quite sure where this little guy will end up, but I sure am happy with the way he turned out. Potholders? An apron?


One VERY Last Minute Project.
This little wristlet was sewn up only minutes before it was gifted.  Talk about stressful! 

Casserole Carrier
I finished this casserole carrier two nights ago, but man it sure would have came in handy this weekend.  More on it tomorrow.

Bottle Cap Magnets
These were gifted over the weekend.  

Disclosure: Although I enjoy the occasional adult beverage, I want to make it known I am not a lush. HA!  I realized after posting these, it may or may not look like I have a drinking problem.  :)  I have actually been collecting beer bottle caps for over a year now.  When I first started, I was going to school in a college town and made friends with a few fellow classmates who were bartenders at a local sports bar.  I had mentioned to them I would like bottle caps for a craft and I had no idea how many bottles of beer go through a sports bar in a college town.  Lets just say I had grocery bags full of beer bottle caps!

Twisted Table Topper
If you haven't had a chance to try this pattern, you need too!  It really is a lot of fun.  Plus, you have a finished project it no time at all.

ONGOING PROJECTS (with progress):

Spiderweb Quilt
I have all the blocks sewn and now have two rows together.  One step closer to a finished top!

ONGOING PROJECTS (with no progress):

Knitted Wrist Warmers
Still need to take pictures.  Maybe next week.

I really need to get going on this one and now I have that matching twisted table topper to go with it.  Perfect!


Crazy 9 Baby Quilt
I did get the backing pieced but still need to get pictures on the blog.

Backing fabric has been bought, now I just need to come up with a pieced back pattern. 

Whew, I think that's it for this week.  Looking at it all now, I actually feel pretty productive since the last WiP Wednesday.  Especially considering there was a weekend of festivities included in those two weeks.

WiPs Stats:
Last WiP Wednesday Total: 7
New Projects: 5
Finished Projects: 4
This Week's Total: 8

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  1. I think you were wicked productive! Wow! Your embroidery looks fantastic, I love your cupcake. And that table topper is gorgeous, I fully intend to try out that pattern myself, soon as I can get my paws on that nifty tool Heather used. Where did you find yours? Your Spiderwebs are looking so awesome, I just adore them. Happy super-productive WiP Wednesday to you!

  2. Man, this makes me want to sew something right now! I think the little cupcake would be perfect on an apron!!

  3. So much eye candy.. I don't know where to start :) The cupcake is adorable! I really like the spider web quilt you are working on.. are those blocks difficult? And I am really wanting to tackle a twisted table runner!

  4. As usual your projects are beautiful! I am so envious of your progress! Happy WIP Wednesday to you!

  5. Your mo mo spiderweb quilt is wonderous! I love it!

  6. What a happy little cupcake. He is sooo cute can't wait to see where he ends up.

    Your bottle cap disclaimer made me laugh. My daughter got a bottle cap kit for christmas, so all day she was following the beer drinkers collecting the bottle caps.

  7. That cupcake! I LOVE him! I've been seeing so much great embroidery lately - I guess I really need to try it. I've never done a single stitch.

    Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday! Have a great week!